What Is A Honey Badger?

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name. Honey badgers have the well-earned reputation of being fierce, feisty little mammals. They have a bite that makes cold-blooded enemies’ blood run even colder.

Honey badgers  are opportunistic carnivores which are a bit larger than a house cat; they live throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and in parts of Asia. Honey badgers would eat almost anything: snakes, insects, birds, reptiles, bee larvae, small mammals, carrion, fruits, young crocodiles, roots, etc.

They are small and scrawny yet very vicious and dangerous, guaranteed to land a lot of harm all out even if they are outnumbered. So they offer a massive risk, and little reward, to any predator. You are going for a tiny snack where you are guaranteed to end up exhausted and wounded? No thanks.


About Us

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The Honey Badger Fight Gear is an online fashion destination serving Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) and MMA practitioners worldwide. We are BJJ enthusiasts from Singapore who aim to support and promote the growth of BJJ as a martial arts and competitive sports.

We sell customised/novelty BJJ gi for groups, clubs and gyms. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to making durable, competition-quality gear with reasonable prices. Our suppliers are sourced from same warehouses and factories which supply to the established popular BJJ brands and BJJ schools worldwide.

Currently we are building our collaborations with gyms, schools and all levels of BJJ practitioners to be our brand ambassadors. Watch out this space!